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If getting the most out of living on the water is your dream then you’ve come to the right place. HarbourHome is your one-stop shop for everything you need to create your perfect floating home. Combining esthetic, technical, and nautical expertise within the unlimited scope of your imagination and the limitations of your budget is our speciality. With years of experience in consultancy, design, engineering and overseeing the building of floating homes, HarbourHome is ready to assist you with any challenge. From conversions to newly built ships, from finding the right partners, the right price, the right ship, to taking you every step of the way towards your dream home. Reality starts here.


Roland Stuij

Roland Stuij

Roland has worked in, on and around ships and harbours since his childhood. Following an artistic and technical education, he combines his 3D expertise with ship design, architectural visualisation, 3D research and teaching. Alongside his first love, HarbourHome, he has worked for OMA, including research at the ZKM Karlsruhe, and taught for many years at the Academy for Architecture in Amsterdam, HGB Leipzig and the Amsterdam University of Applied Science. He lives on a ship.

Angie Abbink


Angie spent her early years watching her father build his own wooden speedboats in Kenya and Belgium. Following an education at the Rietveld Art Academy and the Academy of Architecture she has worked in architecture, art and interior design since the early 90′s in New Zealand, England, Turkey, Belgium and the Netherlands. In 2002 she founded her first architectural practise in Amsterdam. Angie has been closely involved in designing floating homes with Roland Stuij since 1998. She lives on a ship.

Working partners:

Steel – Helldorfer Lasbedrijf
Carpentry and styling – Woodies-at-Berlin
Nautical engineering – Peter Bosgraaf
Carpentry – Jan van Wengerden
Carpentry – Ventis